My name is Holly Howe and I am a lifestyle portrait & wedding photographer located in Moncton, NB.

The #1 thing you need to know about me is that I love people and I love taking pictures. Okay, I guess that's two things. ;) I absolutely LOVE what I get to do and I hope it shows. Here on my blog, you'll see glimpses of LIFE and LOVE. From joyous wedding days to tender moments with a newborn, my desire is to capture all the things - big & small - that you want to be treasured and remembered for a lifetime.

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Photo by Molly Ilse Photography
Makeup by Belle by Joƫlle

Thursday, May 31, 2012

2x12 project | may

here's our 2x12 for may...  our anniversary dinner out (our anniversary is may 8th) at one of our favourite restaurants downtown!  ahhhhhhh...such a great night!!  excellent food, charming atmosphere and very cute company.  ;)

one thing joe & i are realizing more and more...  we need to date more.  ok, yes.  date at all.  ;D

ps - we were TOTALLY going to 'reenact' one of our wedding photos, but alas...time was not of the essence.  with joe's crazy travelling schedule, my wedding season in full swing and a bunch of other factors, we just could not make it happen.  which bummed me out.  :(  who knows?!  maybe we'll do another 2x12 project next year!  :D

could happen.  ;)

moncton wedding | lacey & ryan: part II

such an amazing party.  i am so blessed to have been a part of it.  congrats again, lacey & ryan.  may you enjoy a long and joy-filled marriage.  xo.