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I love what I do and I’m obsessed with belly laughs (if you can make me laugh, you’re my favourite. Let’s face it – you’re ALL my favourite!!), good light (golden hour pretty much anywhere) and a good cup of joe (not my hubby – ha! the caffeinated kind). So thrilled you’re here and checking out my work!

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Photo by Molly Ilse Photography
Makeup by Belle by Joëlle

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the new ME.

yay!!!  here it is!!!  my new blogsite!!!!!!  :)))  i'm so stoked about the changes you see here!  :D

as you can see, i have a new brand (logo/watermark)!!!!  this is definitely more ME.  my good friend, carla, designed this for me (THANK YOU, CARLA!!!!!) and i'm so proud now to finally show it off!!!!  :)))  she also redesigned all of my documents, business cards, envelopes, gift certificates, contracts, etc.  YAY!!!!!

what do you think?!?!?!?!!

i LOVE it!!!!!  if you know me and how i sign my name, the 'H' is definitely unique to me.  for as long as i can remember, i've always done it 'script'-like...and carla was able to find an 'H' similar to the one i do myself!!  yay!!!!!  also, i wanted it to have 'HOLLYHOWE' together so she made the 'HOWE' bolded and well, i completely love it.  (sorry for the gushing....can't be stopped....)  ;D  my work will now be watermarked with, depending on the image, a grey or white version of the logo.  :)))

you'll also notice that i stayed with blogger.  i did this because i had to keep costs down and for right now, i don't think i need an additional 'website'.  this suits me just fine, and i like that i'm keeping everything in ONE SPOT.  i also have a good friend, joel, who is...well...he's a genius.  he did everything i wanted to have in a blog to this site so that i wouldn't NEED anything else!  (THANKS, JOELMAC!!!!!!)  he created the 'scrolling header' up there (complete with examples from my portfolio!), navigation 'tabs' for easy access to different things -- my online portfolio (weddings, engagements, portraits...when it's ready...), a bit about me (meet holly), pricing info (investment), frequently asked questions (FAQs) and the section i'm so completely proud of...the 'kind words' section -- where past clients review me and say AMAZING things about my work (THANKS SO MUCH, EVERYBODY!!!!).  i also asked joel for those little Facebook 'like this post' thingys ;D so when people like a post on my blog, it can appear on their wall!  i'm HOPING that more and more people will visit here.  :)  yay!!!!!!

anyhoo...that's it.  have fun browsing the new place!  :D  big, HUGE shout-outs to joel mackenzie and carla welch!!!!!  i'm BEYOND grateful for you both.  :)))

stay tuned for more posts this week......  :)))


ps - we 'own' the rights (OWN?!  is that the right word?!  ha!) to www.hollyhowe.com and www.hollyhowephotography.com so feel free to update your browser!  :D  thanks so much, friends!!!

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