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Photo by Molly Ilse Photography
Makeup by Belle by Joëlle

Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy new year!

hello blog land!!!!!  :D :D :D ...and because this girl's music makes me 'happy'... (get it?!  'HAPPY' new year?!!!!)  ;D  ...thought i'd start the year off with a fab little music video to one of my kids' favourite tunes!  (jodi king was at our church this past fall......  she's so great!).

anyhoo....enjoy!  xo!

...and yes, happy new year, friends!  i'm totally welcoming 2012 with open arms!!!  :D  both personally & professionally, i cannot WAIT to get started!  :D  but before i move ahead....i want to reminisce a bit on 2011 (an UNBELIEVABLE YEAR for me!!!!!) with some recaps on my favourite portraits and wedding shots of last year, review my 2011 goals and ...ah hem...  see how i did.  ;D  one thing from the list -- "6 - investing in a macro lens" (a 100mm 2.8L, joe howe.  if you're reading this...)  ;D  well, i didn't get the macro in 2011...but i DID get this.

my long-awaited 4th child.  i've named him 'mark'.  (much like every other photog out there!  ha!  ...so i'm the last getting on the train.  so what!)  :)  anyhoo....he was my big gift this year.  well, ok.  my ONLY gift this year.  but that's alright.  i'm absolutely SMITTEN.

lots more to come to the blog this week!  catch you later, friends.  :D

ps - since i did a '11 for 2011'....do you think i should do a '12 in 2012'??!  ;)  yeah, i like the sounds of that.  :)

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