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Photo by Molly Ilse Photography
Makeup by Belle by Joëlle

Monday, April 30, 2012

2x12 project | april

april was a crazy, busy month!!  and by the looks of my calendar, it's only gonna get crazier!  thus, the reason why i'm so glad i started this series.  reminds me to take the time to focus on joe & i (if only to get this crazy photo taken...  ha!  his words...  and i hope he's joking...)  ;)

this month marked my first wedding of the 2012 season....  soooooooooo stoked to share angela & kris' wedding pics this week!  (yes, THIS week!!!  i'm so close!!)  :D  as well as lots of portrait sessions, a baby session and more maternity shoots than i've had in a long time!  ha!  i LOVE it!!!!!  shot another one on sunday.....  :D  josh & katherine's sneak peek will be up sometime tomorrow...

k...  sorry.  back to our april 2x12.  :D  jacob worked the camera this time...  and i must say, he did a fab job.  (possible 2nd shooter someday?!)  ;)  how awesome would that be!!!!

anyhoo....this marked the last sunday night that daddy would be leaving us for the road....  well, the last one FOR A WHILE anyways (i hope!).

we look a little TOO happy the night that he's leaving....  ;)

thought i'd share a few more of my little family.  :)  enjoy.  xo.  and PHEWF!!!!!  i made it!!!!!  posted april's 2x12 IN april!!!!  ;D

he's special. ;)

ugh. please excuse my messy hair, bushes (eyebrows) that need whacked, etc...

PS - i thought we would FOR SURE use an umbrella for this month...  ;)

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