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Photo by Molly Ilse Photography
Makeup by Belle by Joëlle

Monday, February 6, 2012

i'm at 10!!!

i just wanted to follow up my comment on my Facebook page (which if you are not a fan already...what's stopping you?!)  ;D  ...you get special updates over there almost everyday and you never know WHAT i'll spring on you!  ;)  so go on over there and 'like' HOLLYHOWEphotography!  :D  k.  i'm done.


one of my 2012 goals was to book 10-12 weddings for the year...and as of now, i'm at 10 weddings!!!!!  yayyyy!!!!  :D  that being said, i would DEFINITELY take on 1 or 2 more, especially if you were looking to book in october or november.  (my wedding season is heavily concentrated in may-july this year...  funny how it differs from year to year...).

a couple of questions of late:

- i've had a few inquiries as to why i'm not taking any more than 10-12 weddings...
:)  i would LOVE to take on more but i think for the balance & pace of my own life, this is for me.  joe is very supportive of this dream and my kids are amazing about sharing mommy with her camera...but, when i'm able to...i want to have as much family & vacation time as i possibly can!  my own brood is growing up waaaaaaay too fast and i don't want to be missing out on them!  :)  (sniffffff!  hooboy....that got me started.  yeah.  i'm an emotional girl.)  :)  anyhoo...if and when i get to that magic #12 and you then you come to me (being #13) inquiring and wanting to book me as your wedding photographer....and i have to turn you down...  :(((  i'm so sorry!  but my family comes first.  thank you for your understanding.  :)

- also, i've been asked if this means that i'm closed to portrait sessions in the spring/summer...
no.  i am still taking portrait bookings and would happily shoot your family, maternity, engagements, babies...  you name it.  :D  (woooo!)

ahhhhh...i'm so excited!!!  :D  thank you to all of my 2012 brides & grooms!!!!!  you cannot imagine how thrilled i am that you chose me to document THE MOST important and amazing day of your life!  wow.  i'm honoured and humbled.  :D  (EEEEEEEK!!!!  so exciting!!!)

[from saturday's roadtrip with friends to uptown saint john.]

happy monday, everybody!!!  :D

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Diane Scaman said...

What a great photo! That building looks awesome in black & white.