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Photo by Molly Ilse Photography
Makeup by Belle by Joëlle

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2x12 project | december & 2012 recap

wellllllllllllllllll...  it's come to this.  ;)  haha.  the finale of the 2x12s (joe breathes a sigh of relief!)...

remember that snowstorm over Christmas?!  the big one around the 29th-30th?!  well, we were storm stayed in fredericton...  the kids were all playing outside and enjoying the big, fat snowflakes coming down, joe was helping my sister shovel her deck...  i grabbed my camera and...boom!

december's 2x12!

haha.  oh, we had fun, didn't we?!  heehee.  seriously.  if you could just SEE the relief on joe's face.  it's real.  ;D

here's a look back on all the 2x12s for 2012!

thanks for following along, friends!  glad so many of you enjoyed this because (after lots of feedback from friends & family!), we're gonna do another project like this!  only THIS time, it'll be a '5x12'...  that's right!  a howe family snapshot/portrait/as-fancy-as-we-want-to-make-it photo each and every month!  and i've gotta say...  i'm VERRRRRRRRRY excited about this one.  and joe is too, i might add.  :)

so we're gonna get ye ol' tripod out and get used to it, mama!  ;D

check back soon for the 1st installment in our 5x12 series!  :D :D :D  it'll be good.  i promise.  snowball fight, anyone?!  ;)

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