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Photo by Molly Ilse Photography
Makeup by Belle by Joëlle

Monday, January 14, 2013

a 2012 review and looking ahead to 2013!

Hey friends!  Happy Monday!!

Taking the time today to look back on 2012 and see how I did with my '12 in 2012'.  (GAHHHH!  Does this mean that I have to have a '13 in 2013'?!  Better get on this PRONTO!)  ;D

2012 goals:

1 - shoot between 10-12 weddings this year and second-shoot for at least one (if time & family allow me to!)   COMPLETED!!!  I shot 12 weddings last season, between the months of april-oct and it was perfect.  I also shot second for Christine D. in December!  Soooooo much fun!

2 - find good...no, AMAZING light for each shoot.  and master on- & off-camera flash.  I really feel like my photography skills improved MAJORLY this year...  I strive to find the best.light.possible for each and every session I take on.  I also feel like I improved quite a bit on my on-camera flash (dark churches and halls continue to scare me, but I go into them feeling much more ready to take them on!)  Off-camera flash...  yes, I need to delve deeper and make some more investments (both in time and gear!) to really get to the next level!

3 - blog more.  Hmmm....  Looking at the overall, it says that I blogged LESS than I did last year.  Boo me.  It may have some to do with the fact that I now do MOST of my 'sneak peeking' on my Facebook page.  Yeah, that's it.  :)

4 - improve my workflow and the time in which i give my clients their images.  This is getting better.  Lightroom is amazing for workflow...  I can cull and edit a session (weddings take longer, obviously) in really good time.

5 - prioritize family time on weekends.  so, i'm really going to stick to this rule: if i'm shooting on a saturday (which, let's face it, happens a LOT during wedding season!), my sunday is completely free for my family...and vice versa.  :)  my life/work balance needs an overhaul.  ;D  With a few exceptions, I did well sticking to this plan.  Yes, family time is important.  :D

6 - do a personal photo project for 2012.  i think i'm going to do a '2x12months' of joe & i.  :D  (thank you to everybody who offered feedback on my Facebook page!  stay tuned for january's 2x12 in a future post!)  COMPLETED!!!  The 2x12s wrapped in the previous post!  You can find them HERE!

7 - improve my work space.  :)  (...with even the smallest improvement/clean-up/purge, i'd be thrilled.)  My office space continues to be my nemesis.  GAHHH. 

8 - hire a photog for my own family shoot.  this is a MUST for this summer.  Sadly, never got around to this.  Gotta quit with the excuses and just get 'er done!  ;D 

9 - be more positive and resist the urge MORE to compare myself with othersI feel I did pretty well with this.  It gets hard when, as the admin, you see the stats on your Facebook page...  the involvement and interest in your page going up and down...  but, I guess, it comes with the territory! 

10 - invest in a macro lens or (finances permitting!) additional lighting gear.  It's not a macro lens but I now have a set of Kenko 'extension tubes'.  They seem to be doing the trick!

11 - go for more walks.  (i know i should do it but i often don't because i feel i don't have the time.  i KNOW i need to make time for some good exercise.  the rewards would be great - i'll probably get more work done, have more energy for my family, have fewer headaches & stress...and sleep a whole lot better!)  Hmmmm...  I started out great...  got a pair of great sneakers, did the treadmill for a few months, joined weight watchers and lost 20+ lbs...  I NEED to keep my head in the game.  I get distracted and discouraged too easily.

12 - participate in this at my church and continue my commitment to read my Bible everyday.  COMPLETED!!!  40 Days in the Word was amazing...and I learned a LOT.  How to read my Bible, how to memorize Scripture... what method of learning and memorization is best for me...  so many great things taken from this course!  :D

OK.  Now.  Here is my '13 in 2013' list.  Some are personal, most of them are work-related...  ALL of them are important to me.  I'm going more 'specific' this year, in an attempt to get more done.  To be more goal-oriented and discerning.  And they're not reserved to just THIS year, but I'm going to try to stay on track and (hopefully!) meet them!  Here goes!

1 - shoot between 12-15 weddings.

2 - second shoot more weddings!  Any photogs out there want a second shooter, CALL me!!!  :D

3 - go on a date with my husband at least 1x/month!
4 - track my expenses on a more regular basis!

5 - grow closer to Christ by being fully-invested in a Beth Moore study this winter...  we're doing James: Mercy Triumphs.  It's amazingly good so far...  includes lots of homework and memory work.

6 - do a styled shoot.

7 - laugh more!

8 - invest in a few more pieces of gear: either purchasing the 24-70 2.8L OR upgrading to the 50 1.2L (leaning towards the 50 1.2);  upgrade my on-camera flash to a 580EX II speedlite; purchase an off-camera flash setup (softbox, etc.)

9 - be less critical of myself and my work.

10 - do more networking and connecting with other photographers!  Plans are already in the works to do a photo walk with another photog in Moncton.  Yayyyyy!

11 - improve my custom packaging and adding custom USBs this year!

12 - do a '5x12' project.  And yes, embrace the tripod.  Ha!

13 - attend a photography workshop.

As I look back on the past year, I am so thankful for everyone I got to cross paths with!!!

...to my brides & grooms of 2012: Angela & Kris, Patricia & Jeremy, Lacey & Ryan, Jessica & Brad, Tiffany & Curtis, Kayla & Jesse, Sheena & Mark, Melanie & Justin, France & Todd, Lauren & Tommy, Jessica & Ryan and Laura & Stephen -- thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for hiring me as your wedding photographer!!!! I am BLESSED to call you my friends!!!  XO.

...to all my 2012 portrait clients: engaged couples, families, mamas-to-be, babies, grads...  Thank you for your encouragement and more importantly, your trust.  It's my prayer that the moments we captured will be treasures in your home for many, many years to come.  :D  XO.

...to Christine Donovan.  Thank you for being an incredible friend and colleague!  I can't wait to work with you again in 2013!!  XO.

...to my precious family: Joe, Jacob, Robyn & Josiah.  I love you more than words can express.  XO.

...to my Saviour, Jesus.  may my life forever be a reflection of You (Psalm 19:14).



jamiedelaine said...

holly, how fun! love this list and it's neat to see how you've progressed on your goals.

HOLLYHOWEphotography said...

jamie!!! ohhhhhhhhh wow!! it means so much that you would take the time to comment! thank you!!