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I love what I do. I’m obsessed with belly laughs, amazing light (golden hour, anyone?) and a quality cup of joe. So thrilled you’re here and checking out my work!

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Photo by Molly Ilse Photography
Makeup by Belle by Joƫlle

Saturday, March 31, 2012

2x12 project | march

march, march, march...  oh what you did to me, march.  :)

for this 2x12, i wanted to convey a common scene for march.  joe & i took to a healthier lifestyle like never before.  each of us are on the treadmill every day for an hour.  we're eating better, drinking lots of water, going to bed earlier each night...  it was just time, you know?

anyhoo.....  here we are on the treadmill (well, for the shot -- SITTING on the treadmill...) in our trusty sneaks.  :)

in love again with exercising.  thanks, in part, to these puppies!  joe & i went to the running room and got properly fitted for a pair of sneakers -- probably, for me anyway, the first time ever.  LOVE THEM.  almost as much as i love TOMS.  :)

...and yes, we wear the same size.  :)

thanks to my sweet honey of a sister for taking this month's 2x12!  love you, heather!!!  xo!

Friday, March 30, 2012

baby | noah and his big brother, jacob

last week, i got to hang out with little 5-month-old noah and his big bro, jacob (whom i got to photograph when he was noah's age.  he's now 2 1/2!!).  what a happy little boy (as you can tell from the first pic up there!).  :D  noah smiled and was just so happy the ENTIRE time!  and jacob...  well, jacob...thanks for making it so fun catching up with you!  you are both such treasured boys!  :D

what a sweet little family you have, julie!  thank you for allowing me into your home to capture these precious, candid moments!  i hope you enjoy your pictures for years to come!


family pic!  :D

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

portraits | abby

ahhhhh miss abby!  what a trooper you were on this day!  freezing cold, weather didn't know if it was supposed to snow or hail, or just plain be nice!  ;D  thanks girl!!

...and i thought for sure you would have gotten a hot beverage at Second Cup when we stopped on the way back to your house...  an ICED hot chocolate?!!!  ;D  kidding!

thanks again!!!!  you rocked this!  enjoy your pics!





couldn't decide which i loved more...  colour or black & white...

...and we couldn't forget the blue purse.  ;)

abbyyyyyyy...  you are a stunning girl.  never change.  <3