Yep, you read that right. It’s HOLLYHOWEphotography (caps for my name, no spaces) and I am a natural light portrait & wedding photographer in Moncton, New Brunswick.

I love what I do. I’m obsessed with belly laughs, amazing light (golden hour, anyone?) and a quality cup of joe. So thrilled you’re here and checking out my work!

If you like what you see, please email holly@howes.ca or DM me on any of the socials!

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Photo by Molly Ilse Photography
Makeup by Belle by Joƫlle

Thursday, March 31, 2011

my kids laughed and laughed and laughed.

we are absolutely L O V I N G netflix!!!  last week, joe found this clip on there (i think it was under the 'msn videos' section) and -- ohmygoodness! -- our kids hooted and hollered. so funny. check this out.

jacob now wants a baby owl. ;D

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

be kind. pass it on.

came across this quote today and thought i would share here.  let's remember this as we head out on our days tomorrow......  :)

instead, be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God
through Christ has forgiven you.
--ephesians 4:32 (NLT)                           

Thursday, March 24, 2011

a sneak peek for tracy & jeff

all the best as you prepare to welcome your little girl into the world (in just a few weeks! eeeeeek!!!)  i'll share more very soon!  :)))

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SCC is in the maritimes!

i can't even BEGIN to tell you...

i am SUCH a fan of steven curtis chapman's. been following his career since junior/high school. know every song of his by heart. "dive", "speechless", "his eyes", "the great adventure", "heart's cry", "the mountain", "let us pray", "for the sake of the call"....  i could go on.  i mean, EVERY bride & groom has heard & requested the song, "i will be here" for their wedding....  THIS GUY has been blessed by God with a singing/songwriting career that has spanned almost 25 years.  i cannot BEGIN to tell you how EXCITED i am to see SCC live & in concert!!!!!!  an absolute DREAM come true!!!!

just a few years ago, steven & his wife, mary beth, lost one of their daughters (in 2003, they started a movement of caring for & the adoption of orphans!) in a car accident...and this song speaks about the day when....

"...Your glory fills every empty space / all the cancer is gone, every mouth is fed / and there's no one left in the orphans' bed / every lonely heart finds their one true love / and there's no more goodbye, and no more not enough / and there's no more enemy..."

can't.  wait.

Monday, March 21, 2011

family | the somers

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE families!!!!!  and what a special treat to photograph families whom i've grown up with!  my sister and i went to high school with jeff & jill and now we're all grown up, getting married...  ahhhh....seems surreal to me!

charlie & sue -- i am VERY MUCH looking forward to sharing in your daughter's special day.  thank you so much for entrusting this memory to me!  i hope to do you all proud.  :D

all my best to you, dear friends!  :)))


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

please tell me spring is springing.

...because i have a little girl who is loving the fact that she can ride her bike!!!!!  :D

oh for more days like these!!! :)))

Saturday, March 12, 2011

i've been blogged!

a couple weeks ago, i got together with a great friend, christine donovan.  she & i were in the same music class in high school, but hadn't been in contact since.  as she puts it, "fast-forward 15 years..." and i come to find out that christine is an accomplished and brilliant photographer/artist.  we got to be 'friends' again via facebook and well...the rest is history!  :D  i'm a big fan of her work, her ethic, her sweet and loving personality...  christine is SUCH an encourager and believer in people.  you can just tell that she's rootin' for ya.  (i'm also very grateful that she lets me bug her from time to time with business-related questions and stuff.  i'm humbled even as i type this...)

anyhoo, i wanted christine to take some headshots of me for the website.  we'd also been wanting to get together for coffee for quite a while, but we were never able to pull it off....until now.  (insert big smile...HERE.)  :D  check out her post on my session (christine said some very sweet things about me, too...  what a doll.) and her other AMAZING work!!!

thanks so much, c!!  you made our time together so effortless & fun!  it didn't even feel like a photoshoot.  it was just old friends hanging out, chatting the afternoon away.  :)

i appreciate you more than you'll ever know.  MWAH!


Monday, March 7, 2011

i will exalt You.

i will exalt You
i will exalt You
i will exalt You
You are my God

my hiding place, my safe refuge
my treasure, Lord, You are
my friend and King, anointed One
Most Holy

because You're with me
because You're with me
because You're with me
i will not fear

such simple, heartfelt lyrics by singer/songwriter, brooke fraser.  an anthem for my everyday. (hillsong united is now out with their newest album, aftermath.  check it out.)

happy march break, everybody! stay tuned for jill & evan's e-session! i may have a sneak peek ready to go in the next day or two! :)))

Friday, March 4, 2011

business cards, etc!

yesterday, i received a few more pieces of the puzzle....  my 'new brand' puzzle.  eeeeeek!  so excited how they turned out!  again -- thank you, carla!  and thank you, jeff at InColor.  wooooooo!!!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

headshots | emily

jacob & robyn's piano teacher is graduating from mount allison in the spring!  (so proud of you, em!)  she's been busy with school and teaching, and on top of all that -- emily's auditioning for grad schools in the fall.  she was heading out west later in the day, but we were able to get a quick shoot in for some headshots to add to her portfolio.

emily -- it was a pleasure again to photograph you!  hope you like your headshots and a few images from around your studio.  all the best as you prepare for your concert!  we'll be there....with bells on!  :D


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the new ME.

yay!!!  here it is!!!  my new blogsite!!!!!!  :)))  i'm so stoked about the changes you see here!  :D

as you can see, i have a new brand (logo/watermark)!!!!  this is definitely more ME.  my good friend, carla, designed this for me (THANK YOU, CARLA!!!!!) and i'm so proud now to finally show it off!!!!  :)))  she also redesigned all of my documents, business cards, envelopes, gift certificates, contracts, etc.  YAY!!!!!

what do you think?!?!?!?!!

i LOVE it!!!!!  if you know me and how i sign my name, the 'H' is definitely unique to me.  for as long as i can remember, i've always done it 'script'-like...and carla was able to find an 'H' similar to the one i do myself!!  yay!!!!!  also, i wanted it to have 'HOLLYHOWE' together so she made the 'HOWE' bolded and well, i completely love it.  (sorry for the gushing....can't be stopped....)  ;D  my work will now be watermarked with, depending on the image, a grey or white version of the logo.  :)))

you'll also notice that i stayed with blogger.  i did this because i had to keep costs down and for right now, i don't think i need an additional 'website'.  this suits me just fine, and i like that i'm keeping everything in ONE SPOT.  i also have a good friend, joel, who is...well...he's a genius.  he did everything i wanted to have in a blog to this site so that i wouldn't NEED anything else!  (THANKS, JOELMAC!!!!!!)  he created the 'scrolling header' up there (complete with examples from my portfolio!), navigation 'tabs' for easy access to different things -- my online portfolio (weddings, engagements, portraits...when it's ready...), a bit about me (meet holly), pricing info (investment), frequently asked questions (FAQs) and the section i'm so completely proud of...the 'kind words' section -- where past clients review me and say AMAZING things about my work (THANKS SO MUCH, EVERYBODY!!!!).  i also asked joel for those little Facebook 'like this post' thingys ;D so when people like a post on my blog, it can appear on their wall!  i'm HOPING that more and more people will visit here.  :)  yay!!!!!!

anyhoo...that's it.  have fun browsing the new place!  :D  big, HUGE shout-outs to joel mackenzie and carla welch!!!!!  i'm BEYOND grateful for you both.  :)))

stay tuned for more posts this week......  :)))


ps - we 'own' the rights (OWN?!  is that the right word?!  ha!) to www.hollyhowe.com and www.hollyhowephotography.com so feel free to update your browser!  :D  thanks so much, friends!!!