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Photo by Molly Ilse Photography
Makeup by Belle by Joƫlle

Monday, December 30, 2013

5x12 project | november & december AND a merry Christmas!

i know i'm late saying this...  but that's ok, right?!  "peace on earth, goodwill to men" is for everyday, yes?!  ;)

well, from all of us...  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!  we hope your day was filled to the brim with food, family and lots of blessings!

before another.day.goes.by...  let me finish off our (*ahem *cough) 5x12 family project that we had going on.  ;)  i know.  i know.  i was behind more than i was ahead...but there you go.

here's november.  from downtown moncton's santa claus parade.  forgive my head gear.  'twas a cold, c-o-l-d night.

...and here's december's.  fresh from the 1st of 3 Christmas Eve services at our church.  hooweee.  we were wound and we were tired.  ;)  special thanks to our dear friend, randi hayes, for this treasure (and the outtakes with it!  ha!).  xo!

some from our Christmas morning...

so excited for 2014!!!!  many exciting adventures ahead...including (*GASP) blogging regularly and sharing my life on these pages! so stay tuned!!!! i've got my running shoes ready! ;)



Friday, November 29, 2013

5x12 project | october

since i'm in the mood for sharing...  ;)  (...and before the calendar turns to december!  ACK!!  i'm so behind!)

here's our 5x12 for october!  after the howe big family portrait (for grammy's much-anticipated calendar) at thanksgiving and between the kids playing and hiding in the leaves, my BIL snapped a pic of the 'Joe Howes'!  ;)  thanks aaron!

going through the photos of family - from both the Howes' side and the Carter's side - makes me so excited for Christmas.  when we're together again.

xo.  love you all.

jessica & dustin | moncton wedding photography

can't believe i'm just getting to sharing jessica & dustin's wedding with all of you.  goes to show the INSANE fall season i'm coming out of.  yes, it was busy.  CRAZY busy.  but i'm seeing the light.  BEAUTIFUL light at the end of this editing tunnel.  :D  (by the way...they've had their images for a while...  i just haven't had the chance to show them off!).  :D

jessica & dustin.  your day was so incredible.  the glimpse i got of your families' love for you is unmatched.  how blessed am i to be a part of such a celebration?!  :D  jessica (and your crew, no doubt!), you put such great care and detail into everything (the reception hall......  GAH.  I DIE.)  thank you, THANK YOU for having me.  and special, heartfelt thanks to my assistant/secondshooter for the day, kayla-bob ;), for being her awesomely helpful self.  :D

here are my faves from J&Ds day!  :D  again...  congrats, you two!  blessings on your marriage!!


ceremony | holy family parish
reception | dan bohan centre
reception decor | legault companies ltd.
cake | janet rossiter of 'sweet bites cakes & cupcakes'