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I love what I do. I’m obsessed with belly laughs, amazing light (golden hour, anyone?) and a quality cup of joe. So thrilled you’re here and checking out my work!

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Photo by Molly Ilse Photography
Makeup by Belle by Joƫlle

Friday, November 26, 2010

family | the moores

a few weeks ago, i got together with donnie & keely, and their ADORABLE kiddos - isabelle (who's 3) and alex (2). i had such a BLAST with you guys! ...even though it hurt my feelings that isabelle & alex would rather have played on the playground.... ;) JUST KIDDING!!!!!! ahhhhhh....so fun.

hope you like your portraits, and hopefully the NEXT time ;) i won't be so sick! :D


donnie & mini-me. ;)

so serious!


(ha! love it, too, that alex is grooving in the background... too cute...)

love it, d&k! you'll soon be having an anniversary...am i right?!

isn't this adorable?!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

baby | elijah is ONE

ever get that 'my-heart-is-so-happy-right-now-it-feels-squishy' feeling??!?! well, i do! a LOT!!!! i am LOVING my job as a photographer! since becoming full-time, i'm realizing more & more that - at THIS time in my life - THIS is what i was meant to do!

awww...i love this family so much!!! elijah was a pure JOY to photograph! and, even though it was F R E E Z I N G (my new favourite thing to do now - space my words for effect...yes?!), E was a total trooper!!!! YEAH!!!

thanks so much for making the trip up, heather (and nancy!). i think we came up with some lovely 1-year portraits of master elijah. next time, family portraits?! :)))

love ya's!!! xo!


the eyelashes were not altered for effect. they're really THAT LONG! :D

favourite! <3

E was lovin' that swing! :)

'carrots' came by for a quick visit.

next up -- donnie & keely and the kids! :)))