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I love what I do. I’m obsessed with belly laughs, amazing light (golden hour, anyone?) and a quality cup of joe. So thrilled you’re here and checking out my work!

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Photo by Molly Ilse Photography
Makeup by Belle by Joƫlle

Thursday, January 31, 2013

5x12 project | january

phewf.  made it.  just under the wire.  ;)

today is january 31st!!!!  where on earth did this month go?!!!  it seems like just yesterday that we were taking down the tree, moncton was being hammered by snowstorms...  and now it's the last day of january 2013.  can't believe it.

last year, for those of you who don't know, joe & i did a '2x12 project' each month, showcasing US as a couple...  and we loved it.  well, I loved it.  ;)  i love looking back on a year's worth of 'US' photos and remembering what was going on at that time, during that month.  so.....what better 'follow up' project than a whole year's worth of photos of our family of five?!  :)

anyhoo....  here's this month's installment of our 5x12 series!  YAYYYYYY!!!!!  teehee.  poor jacob.  he just wasn't feelin' the flash yesterday.  believe it or not, this one was the BEST of the bunch.  i just couldn't pass up this frame.  LOVE robyn & josiah's expressions!  HA!

so off.we.go!!!!!!  happy thursday!!


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2012 wedding favourites

these are so fun to do.  i love to look back (...and on an especially fabulous 2012 at that!) and appreciate some of my favourite shots.  sooooo...  without further ado, here she is.  :)


~ angela & kris ~

 ~ patrica & jeremy ~

~ lacey & ryan ~

~ jessica & brad ~

~ tiffany & curtis ~

~ kayla & jesse ~

 ~ sheena & mark ~

~ melanie & justin ~

~ france & todd ~

~ lauren & tommy ~

(*hope you don't mind, L&T...  these two make me giggle...).  ;D

~ jessica & ryan ~

 ~ laura & stephen ~

LOVED each.and.every one of my weddings last year!! such beautiful days! thank you to all of my couples!!!! hope married life is treating you well!

big hugs!!!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

natalie, mareika & caleb | moncton portrait photography

i was BEYOND.PUMPED when mareika emailed me about doing a session with her and her siblings, natalie and caleb, while they were home for the Christmas break.  they wanted the pictures to be a surprise gift for their mom.  can i get a collective "Awwwww!"  ;D  what an amazing gift!!

being all over the country for school, it's no doubt that they were happy to be home for Christmas.  but i could physically FEEL the joy of them being back together.  after piling them all into my jetta, we zoomed off to take some pictures; treasures for their mom (and dad too, of course!).  i felt like i was in on the biggest secret ever.

teehee.  so fun.

thanks, you three!  for letting me in on the secret!  i think we came up with something pretty special!  :)

enjoy the rest of your pictures!!!  ...and gordon & lynn, you've raised some exceptional people.  well done.  xo!