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Photo by Molly Ilse Photography
Makeup by Belle by Joƫlle

Monday, December 21, 2009

baby | maggie

i know i said i wasn't going to blog about maggie til the new year, but her session was so fantastic!!! and she was such a great baby!!! i was at her mama's house for a little over half an hour and she smiled and laughed the whole time! we got A LOT of wonderful images! :))) thank you, maggie! what a doll you are! xo!

check out some of my faves from her 'mini sesh'. :)

don't these just melt your heart?! SNIFF!

maggie's big sis, molly (3). what a cutie!

i think she's gonna be a singer. what do you think?! ;)

cathy - i had THE BEST time with you & maggie!!! thanks so much for thinking of me and getting me to do her 8-month portraits! we'll have to get together for coffee sometime soon!!! love ya! xo!

christmas with the howes | finding & trimming our tree


every year, we go to this tree farm and the kids have an absolute blast finding the perfect tree! the only problem is...it's always so cold by the time we get to go do it... :)

poor josiah. falls asleep in the van every year! ha!

in case you can't tell by the pics (she's in almost every one!), robyn was our official 'tree decorator'. she loves to help!

the mandatory 'photograph-yourself-in-the-reflection-of-an-ornament' shot. ;)))

meet our 'whoville' tree. ;) cuttin' it kinda close to joe's new ceiling. eeek.

we will, FOR MANY MANY YEARS go and cut down our tree. i grew up with a fake one, you see. a HIDEOUS one at that (artificial trees have come a long way, baby!) and i have VOWED i will NEVER have a fake one again. :) unless one of the kids develop allergies or asthma or whatever...then we'll make changes. :) but until then, it's a real tree for our family.

my sweet girl lookin' all cute in her santa hat. xo.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

christmas with the howes | kids' portraits

what a goof!

she's such a joy.

ha! monkey see, monkey do!

these WILL turn up on my wall. mark my words. :)))

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

christmas with the howes | family portrait

i love my family!!!!!! joe & i have been blessed, B L E S S E D with 3 beautiful, healthy children...jacob (left, 7 in january), josiah (middle, 2) and robyn (right, 5).

been working hard lately (going full out, actually) pursuing a small photography business on the side (yes, i'm still at our church as a part-time worship team director/worship leader). looking forward to some r&r, for sure. not saying goodbye entirely right now... ;) i'll probably get antsy and just be dying to share some of our family's christmas celebrations, so check back here often. :))) and comin' at ya in early january, maggie's 8-month-old session! what a cutie - you're gonna love her! :)

if i don't get to tell ya in person, have a wonderful christmas and a fabulous 2010!!!

peace & joy!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

family | the humphreys

just last week, i got the opportunity to photograph jim, sharon & alex in their BEAUTIFUL new home. it was a cold and wet day (again!) but oh well. i think we did pretty great - some fantastic shots here...and just in time for the holidays! :)

"why, alex...have you lost something??! recently?!" ;)

lots of kids this age losing teeth. sniff. sharon, our boys are growing up!

ha! every now & then, alex wasn't interested in doing pictures. ;) so i basically (and yes, this happens quite often) just go with the flow. whatever happens - happens. i chased alex around for a bit (too fun!).

he showed me his room...and his headstand...and his mismatched socks. :)

what a bookshelf this kid's got! whoa!

then he showed me his mom & dad's office.

"alex...where are you?!" (hiding under the desk). :)

and some fam shots.

...and alex had had enough. :) good job, buddy!

can't end the post without the obligatory pic of me reflected in an ornament bulb. don't know why, but i love that. :)

thanks, jim & sharon, for inviting me (and jacob & robyn!) into your home! what a beauty! i pray you have many, MANY happy christmases there! :)))