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Thursday, July 15, 2010

family | the murphys

whoa!!! has it really been since july 4th since my last post?!!!? ack!!! so sorry, folks! i've been workin' away on 2 family sessions (one i've yet to finish!) and a wedding this past weekend (yay, liz & merrill!!!) and... well... i JUST needed to unplug for a bit. more posts are comin' on the blog. bear with me. :)))

meet the murphys. :)

yay for families of 5! plus 2! which equals 7, i know. ha! john & martha had david as an exchange student from germany for a year. and martha wanted to complete a scrapbook documenting david's year in canada with a family photoshoot on the beach. PARLEE BEACH, to be exact! only days before he had to go back home...it was bittersweet, for sure. but, oh wow! what fun! martha, i was honoured you would ask me to be a part of this! hope you love these! :)))

martha & john.

david & jake.

tyler looking on. ;)

john & david.

david & lindsey.

david & emilie.

da sibz (lindsey, jake & emilie).





lindsey & tyler. soooooo adorable.

can you tell i love to photograph couples?! :)))

ok. yeah. i went a little nuts with these two...


so fun! thank you, girls!

martha & david.

tyler & david.

david, all the best at home in germany! i know your canadian family will remember you always! :)))

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