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Monday, August 29, 2011

family | the coombs + the nelsons

i've been on a bit of an EDITING MARATHON the past few days.  still have a lot to do but it'll have to wait.  as of 9am tomorrow morning, we're on vacation!!!!!  wooooooo!!!!!!

so just to let ya'll know... :D ...i won't be answering emails or on Facebook much this week.  i need NEED N E E D some downtime.  the kids go back to school next tuesday and i want to spend as much time with them as i can!  so thank you for understanding!  :D  i'll get back into the editing chair upon our return!  :D  thanks guys!

with that...  here's the first of many posts tonight...er...this morning!  enjoy!!!


meet melinda & her sister, melanie, and their families!  we'd originally planned on going to the beach but - again, it was a rainy day.  thankful to have a great indoor location.  never the same but you make it work!  thanks MWC!!!  :D

tim & melanie...

...and luke & jenavieve.

luke was giving us all a workout!  ha!

L O V E.

what a treat meeting you, melanie & tim, and getting the chance to photograph your family!  :D

sisters.  beautiful.

andrew and his boys!



...and eli.

ha!  i giggle every time.  such brotherly love.  ;)

ahhhhhh andrew...  you love it and you know it.  ;)

then over to andrew & melinda's for a few more family pics!  :D

caleb chillin' in a tree.

wide-eyed eli.

ha!  jaydon!

this is after i scolded him.  ;D

LOL.  i love this sequence.

then a 'crazy' picture, as promised!  :D  too fun!!!!  thanks guys!!  :D

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