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Photo by Molly Ilse Photography
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

wedding | lindsey & mike: part II

the longest post in the history of forever.  but worth it til the very end.  :D  enjoy.  xo.


L&M's families.

mike's dad came to me and was like, "can we do something?!"  ha!

every bride needs a java fix.  :)

the groom's socks.

this wedding party was up for anything!  thanks guys!  :D

a seriously beautiful TOMS ad.

one of many favourites to date.



then we were on to the reception.  the biggest party and celebration i've ever been to.

i DROOLED when i saw their wedding cake!

mike's mom & dad getting 'the kissing' started...  :D  you had to kiss the way you wanted them to kiss!

please excuse the mopping bucket in some of these head table shots.  i noticed it at the last second but didn't have time to move it.  i wanted to capture the wedding party's reaction to wes' toast to his son and now daughter-in-law.  (sigh).  never have i heard a more moving tribute.  well done, dad!  :D

the 1st dance.

love this...  <3

the wedding party had something choreographed to help people get out on the dance floor.  what a GREAT idea!  it absolutely worked!!

donnie had some serious dance moves.  ;D

some photobooth fun.  :D



such a great night!!!!!!!!  thanks again, lindsey & mike!!!!!

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