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Thursday, September 30, 2010

wedding | jamie & adam: part I

words cannot BEGIN to describe how thrilled i am to FINALLY be sharing part I (yep, there's THAT many!) of jamie-lynn & adam's wedding!!!! :))) oh, guys....i'm so grateful that you asked me to photograph your wedding day! i have LOVED getting to know you both, and to experience your day along with you....wow. what a gift!!

the day started at j&a's place...with the girls getting ready. here we go! i hope you like! :)))

jamie's niece, kailee.

(*insert gasp here.) these shoes. oh. to DIE for.

my favourite shot to date.

a final spray.

adam's sister, vanessa.

"ben... where's my kiss?!"

there you go. ;)

2nd favourite shot to date. :)))

jamie, you're so fun! ...and ha! look at ruth! ;D

jamie & her sister, jocelyn (her matron of honour).

with her nieces, kailee & chelsea.

mother & daughters.

final hugs with her boys before they were off to see their dad! :)))

then it was off to take pictures of the guys! denise caught these moments with adam and ben & nevyn. melt your heart. beautiful.

adam and his mom & dad.

then we were off to the church! eeeeeek! so exciting! :)))

LOVE this moment.

jamie's dad walked her down the aisle.

the kiss! woooooooo!

love these next two. maybe possibly my 3rd & 4th favourite images. ;)

part II will be up in the morning. :) zzzzzzzzz..........

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