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Photo by Molly Ilse Photography
Makeup by Belle by Joƫlle

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

twins | abigail & hailey

2 babies = 2 photogs


last week, i had the AMAZING opportunity to go along with a friend (the lovely christine donovan of christine donovan photography) to photograph twin girls, abigail & hailey.  (abby & hailey just HAPPEN to be my cousin, mark & his wife, jenn's newest treasures...and i was just so delighted to be able to come along....!).

thank you, jenn, for letting us document this wonderful, crazy, joyous time for you & mark.  your girls are absolutely PRECIOUS.  xo.  and christine, thank you for the opportunity to shoot alongside you.  your friendship, encouragement and kindness to me hasn't gone unnoticed.  thank you, thank you.  xo.

enjoy some of my faves.  love you, sweet babes.  xo.

fave #1.

this is when we finally used a hairdryer.  genius!

christine in action.  :)

jenn, you are stunningggggg...

fave #2.

yeah, she'd had enough.  ;D

thank you again!!!!  what a privilege!!  xo!


Miranda said...

beautiful babies and beautiful pictures!! xo

Holly said...

thanks mir!!! xo! how are you feeling these days?! in case anyone was wondering, i do offer gift certificates... you know, for shower gifts... ;)

take care, love! xo!

Mary Marantz said...

adorable!! love it!

Holly said...

AHHHHHHH!!!!!! MARY MARANTZ!!!! I BOW TO YOU!!! :D thank you for commenting! you've single-handedly MADE my day!!! :D