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Photo by Molly Ilse Photography
Makeup by Belle by Joƫlle

Friday, January 13, 2012

my favourite engagement photos of 2011.

in hindsight, i probably should have posted my faves of the e-sessions first, but i guess it shows my excitement & anticipation for my 2012 couples!  :D

to all the couples i photographed engagement sessions for last year...  again i'm BEYOND thrilled that i got to share even a small part of this journey with you.

here's a little 'recap' of all the fun we had last year, starting way back in january 2011!  :D  enjoy!

emily & jason

jen & dennis

jill & evan

lindsey & mike

megan & denis


cheryl & justin

angela & kris

jessica & brad

kayla & jesse


sheena & mark

tiffany & curtis

sarah & bryan

patricia & jeremy

more engagement sessions to come in 2012...and i can't wait!!!!!  seriously!  i really do value & appreciate this time with you all....  thank you for being so wonderful to work with.  you made my job of capturing the essence of your relationship and your love so incredibly easy.  xo.

next up, our january '2x12'!  happy friday!!!!!


Julie MacKenzie said...

You've captured some beautiful photos of some gorgeous couples, Holly! Looking forward to seeing what you've got up your sleeve in 2012!

HOLLYHOWEphotography said...

awwww! thanks for the love, jules!! xo!

Lindsay said...

Soem really great backlighting in a lot of pictures. Love the one couple sitting near or in front of rocks. love the colours! Great set of sesssssionsss! :)

HOLLYHOWEphotography said...

thanks, lindsay gee!!! :D

Bri @Voulez-Vous Boudoir said...

These are so real... loving the emotion. Beautiful!