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Photo by Molly Ilse Photography
Makeup by Belle by Joëlle

Friday, February 17, 2012

christine donovan | moncton photographer

seriously.  what can i say about christine?!?!?!  only that i've found her to be one of the KINDEST and GENEROUS people i've ever known!  excited to have her as a second shooter this year, on a few of my weddings!  yayyyyy!!!!  :D  (if you haven't already, go check out HER BLOG and HER WEBSITEshe's amazing!!!!)

christine, thank you for spending a morning with this newbie.  :)  thank you for your friendship, your encouragement, your adorable giggles and most of all, for just being YOU.

here's to many more photo-taking adventures!!!!  :D

can't wait to do that again!  :D  happy weekend!!!


Aimee said...

That's the Christine we know and love! Great to see her on the other end of the camera, looking good! ;)

Amanda Hayden said...

great perspectives! looks like it was a great day!

HOLLYHOWEphotography said...

@aimee: haha! yes, it was great practice for both christine & i! :D

HOLLYHOWEphotography said...

@amanda: thanks so much! we had a LOT of fun!! :D

Jen said...

Such pretty wintery pictures! You should probably include a link to Christine's website/fb page though :P

HOLLYHOWEphotography said...

thanks so much, jen!! i included the links to her blog/website in the opening paragraphs! :D

Jennifer Blake Photography said...

Love these photos! They make me want to go get my own picture taken lol Awesome job!

Susan said...

Really great images!! Don't even look cold!!