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Photo by Molly Ilse Photography
Makeup by Belle by Joëlle

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

family | the carews

is it seriously february 1st??!?!  for real?!  can't quite believe that!  ...but what i can believe is that it's our first official SNOW DAY!!!!!  yayyyyyyy!  the kids are lovin' having a 'saturday breakfast' on a wednesday...watching netflix...and every now & then GAZING outside at all this snow!  soooooo beautiful and perfectly snowy!  :)

well, while the kids are occupied...  ;)  i thought i'd take the time now to post my session with the carews!  :D

one of my faves.  melt.

yep.  they're bruins fans.  :D

love you guys!!!!  thank you again for withstanding the cold, C O L D temps and making memories with me!!  :D


Alicia Thurston said...

Great family session, you have a fabulous way of capturing the moments that should be remembered!

Kendra Coupland said...

Look at that gorgeous snow! Im so jealous! and what fun family portraits! I love them!

Katie Dawson said...

I too am totally jealous of all that snow! Gorgeous photos!

Michelle Hansen Photography said...

I love this session! Their outfits with the pop of color are fantastic. What an awesome memory you have made for them!

Helga Himer Photography said...

These images are so nice and crisp! I love the whole session. I wish I can have my family photographed by you.

Becka said...

Looks like a fun shoot!

TracieWilliams said...

aww this looks like it was so much fun! Great light, and excellent job at capturing their personalities!

Amy said...

what an amazing session! you're a master at getting those amazing expressions and moments out of people - i wish i had photos like this of my family when i was young(er) - just amazing!