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Photo by Molly Ilse Photography
Makeup by Belle by Joëlle

Monday, September 17, 2012

personal | an impromptu shoot before bed

tonight, i did something that i don't do too often...  i took the time to take some nice pictures of my own kids.  i rarely (regretfully) do this much anymore.  sad, i know.  it's just been easier to take pics of our family in the moment with the iPhone.  i always have it on me.  it takes pretty good photos...so i haven't complained much.  it's far easier to take an iPhone pic, do some quick 'instagram' processing to it and upload it to Facebook.  i'm still capturing a moment, i was telling myself.

but let's face it.  i'm not going to print & frame or make a canvas out of any of my instagram pics.  they're pretty good to look back on and remember what we were doing at any given time, but the quality just isn't there.

anyhoo....  i PROMISE -- to you, but mostly to myself -- to take the time to take more pictures of my kids.  with my nice camera.  :)  haha.  ok.  here's the result of tonight's very IMPROMPTU shoot.  mmmHmmm...  at golden hour too.  LOVVVVVVVVVVVE.

ENJOY!!!  we sure did!  xo!

miss robyn turned 8 on the 3rd!  love you, sweet girl!!  xo!

love his green eyes.  not quite sure where they came from but i love them.  <3

ahaha!  the ham himself!  he ALWAYS does this when i take his picture.  funniest thing.

josiah is turning 5 in october.  he is SOME exciteddddddd.....

my little budding photographer, jacob, took this one of his mama.  thanks, sweet boy!  xo!

sad face because i said it was time for bed! ha! g'night, all!!

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