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Photo by Molly Ilse Photography
Makeup by Belle by Joëlle

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

our 2011 christmas card.

...and a few extras too!  ;D  the kids & i had some fun in front of the tree....very much an IMPROMPTU photoshoot (which, let's face it, is the way to go with kids...  my kids, anyway.  the less stress about what they're going to wear, capturing them 'in-the-moment' -- the better!).  anyhoo...  we had fun.  :D

first up, jacob....  my eldest son will be 9 in january!  (GAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!  Time.  seriously.  we've had it out before.  slow down, would ya?!!).

we're still rejoicing with jacob on his decision this past sunday to get baptized...  to tell the world that Jesus is his Saviour and Lord -- what he calls Him -- his Forever Friend.  here are a few shots from sunday.  (totally missed getting him after he came up out of the water!  i was laughing, crying, whooping it up so much...  ha!  oh well.  shows i was 'in-the-moment'...)  :)

jacob with our children's director, tanya...

...and in the baptismal tank with our pastor, jerry.

next up is miss robyn, who turned 7 in september...

i used to call robyn my 'reluctant' model, but she's since grown to love mommy's passion.  she even spruced up for the camera!  (notice the lipgloss!  ha!  ...and yes, lipgloss is the ONLY piece of make-up we let her wear!)  :)

bringing up the rear in the family chain here...  :)  ...is master josiah.  what a crazy little man he is!  :D  (awwwwwww...)  but we LOVE him!!  josiah turned 4 in october!  (getting ready for 'big school' next fall....)

happy wednesday!!

...just like the card says at the top of this post...  we wish you peace & happiness this Christmas and all through 2012!!!  God bless you all!!  <3


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