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Makeup by Belle by Joëlle

Thursday, December 8, 2011

engagement | sarah & bryan

GAHHHHH!  so excited about this post!!!!  :D  ...and another announcement!  (more on that a little later...)

a few months ago, i was encouraging folks to like my Facebook page!  if i got to 300 likes, i was going to draw from all the names and pick one lucky winner of a photoshoot!  well, sarah won it!!  :D :D :D  (like my schnazzy drawing system?! ha!)...

sarah & bryan are sooooooooooo amazingly sweet and fun!  i couldn't WAIT for their session!  they're both attending school in virginia so we had to wait until their american thanksgiving holiday to do their shoot...  i was so stoked!  i mean...look how gorgeous they are!!!  :D  it was a TAD chilly (compared to virginia temps!) but they hung in there.  i'm so glad they did!  :D

thanks guys!!!!!  hope you enjoy your pictures!

they brought along some canadian olympic mittens!

oh.  hello, gorgeous.  :)

ummm...yesssss.  fave.  (that's why it's in this post...TWICE).  :)

then we went downtown to the boardwalk.  one of my favourites spots in the city.  :)

another fave.

ha!  love this!

k.  now for the big announcement.  :D  time for another Facebook contest!!!  help me get to 600 likes and, just like last time, i'll put all my likers' names in a hat (or bowl...or pot...ha!) and draw a name for a free photoshoot!!  :D :D :D  yay!!!!!  goals are good, right?!  well, this is my goal for december!  help me finish 2011 with a bang!  :D

feel free to spread the word!  thank you so much for your support!!!  ...and sarah, thank you for liking my page in the first place!  so thrilled that i got to do this for you!  all my best to you & bryan as you plan for an amazing life together!!!  <3

with that, i'm off to have a turkey dinner at my son's school!!  :D

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