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Photo by Molly Ilse Photography
Makeup by Belle by Joƫlle

Monday, January 4, 2010

christmas with the howes | christmas day

hehe! it's christmas tradition at our house that we all have a nice, family breakfast before we open our presents... the kids have never eaten so fast! ha!

jacob had his order picked out. :)

'siah fully into the action this year!

lego & games for his DS. could life be better?! ;)

then, we're off to grammy's by mid-morning, for presents & turkey dinner!

the kids L O V E D having aunt sara & uncle david home (from NFLD). the girls were quick to ask sara to do their nails. too cute.

uncle david looking on.

1st christmas as husband & wife. awww!

engrossed in 'UP' (my new fave kids' movie!)

hannah welcoming rebekah to the party. :)


my dinner plate. (yes, i focused on the dressing - it's the best part!) ;)

waiting patiently for dessert.

girl cousins UNITE! ;)

ha! again, not sure what i said to make josiah tell on me...

but i think they're all on HIS side! ;)

sweet launa rain.

the 'howe' grandchildren. every single one of them. :)))

then mid-afternoon, we're off to nanny & papa's!

forever the goof.

helpin' papa open his present.

yay! another DS game!

it's a long day for the little people... josiah's just up from a much-needed, nice long nap. :)))


'candy cane' ice cream is da bomb. mmmHmmm!

the 'carter' grandchildren!

phewf! it was a long (but glorious!) day... a day of beautiful, warm FAMILY memories!!! xo!

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Julie MacKenzie said...

My parents used to make us eat a big breakfast before presents too... it was TORTURE!!!