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Photo by Molly Ilse Photography
Makeup by Belle by Joƫlle

Saturday, January 2, 2010

christmas with the howes | christmas eve

i love this pic of robyn. the magic & awe of christmas eve...

'silent night, holy night / all is calm, all is bright...'

carter & kaylin donelle with robyn. can you tell they're excited??! ;) (carter & robyn are in the same kindergarten class at school.)

after the last of the candlelight services, we go to my aunt marilla's for a 'seeley' get-together. always so great catching up with my cousins (amy from BC and mark & jenn from montreal) and just relaxing after a long week of rehearsals & services (3 again this year - phewf!). thanks, everybody! let's not wait til NEXT christmas eve to do it again! xo!

marilla's granddaughter, anna (dave & beth's daughter!) just turned 1! yay anna!!! what a cutie!

the 'little people' getting acquainted. :)

you can tell little anna is photographed a lot! she's a natural (although she wasn't feeling really well that night!) in front of the camera. beth's sister, christine, is a FAB-u-lous photograher! check out her work here.

a 'friendly' game of scrabble?! i would hope so! ;)

my cousin, andrea, colouring with robyn.

joe & my uncle ken catching up, while 'you-know-who' gets away with murder. ha!

jacob's own game of scrabble. awww!

mark & jenn's wedding pics! GORGEOUS!!!

awww! so sweet!

and we were all ready for the big day! yay!!! such a pretty tree this year. sigh.

what do you all do on christmas eve?!

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