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Photo by Molly Ilse Photography
Makeup by Belle by Joƫlle

Monday, December 6, 2010

family | the arsenaults

ahhhhh!!! i absolutely LOVED spending the afternoon with this family! alice & clarence - THANK YOU!! julie & dino (and andrea!) - your home is gorgeous and we wouldn't have been able to pull off an indoor shoot without all that wonderful natural light! (we got a HUGE pile of snow that day! wooo-weee!) :D

thanks, everyone, for allowing me to capture these moments for your family!


janelle, chloe, leah & shawn.

jessica & her boyfriend, trevor.

ahhhh chloe. you're a sweetie. :)

ha! yeah, this is dino & julie.

i don't know who was laughing harder....me or jules! :D

j&d have an international student living with them for the year. (yay andrea!)

the couple who started it all - clarence & alice.

siblings. gotta love 'em. :) (from left to right - julie, jessica, alan and janelle)

ha! alan, you crack me up.

leah loved the camera, and my camera loved her. :)

the whole group.

mom, dad and the kids. :)


dino and his impressive ninja skilllllllllzzzz.

leah reaching for the cheezies...

...then proceeding to put a WHOLE handful in her little mouth. it was quite funny. :)

andrea & chloe playing in the snow. (you don't see this at home, eh andrea?!)

the grandkids. :)

ha! (had to share!) this family has a sense of humour like NO OTHER. hysterical.

love these last 2 images. (sniff!)

thanks again, arsenaults!


Andrea Boudreau said...

Holly you have done an amazing job! My "second family" has been captured beautifully. I love them all and it is obvious that a fun time was had by all. What a gorgeous family you have made Alice and Clarence...you must be busting with pride :)

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, they are so great!!


Nancy said...

Awww...these are beautiful! You guys have to be so happy with them! What a handsome bunch!