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Photo by Molly Ilse Photography
Makeup by Belle by Joƫlle

Friday, December 10, 2010

family | the macmillans

ohhhhhhhhh, how i love it when a friend recommends me to one of her friends... EEEEEEK! so exciting! i LOVE meeting new people!! thank you, lisa, for connecting with me on Facebook and getting this all started! :) it was wonderful meeting you and your family, especially the macmillan grandchildren - alicia, kate, lexi and sadie! you are ALL super-adorable!!!! :)

enjoy these pictures from our time together! :)


ha! sadie...when i asked her how old she was! :)

these are for you, shirley. ;)

ha! lexi having a BIT too much fun chasing the ducks. hilare.



cousins. on a log.

lisa and sadie. LOVE this mother/daughter moment.

alicia and her mom, tania.

ahhhhhh lexi. you could have been my muse all day. so stinkin' CUTE!!

kate and her mom, alana.

the kids with their grandmother.

the whole crew!

the girls with their aunt darlene.

and a few family photos. (included a 'blooper'...couldn't resist! ha!)

be still my heart. love these of you and your daughter, lisa. wow.

phewf! 2 more albums to edit, my last family shoot of 2010 tomorrow, a consult/engagement shoot at the end of next week, getting MY family's pictures edited and to the printer....thennnnnnnn i'm on holidays!!!!! :)))

YAY!!!!!!!! having such a BLAST!! thanks everyone for reading and keeping up with HOLLYHOWEphotography!

you're up next, pollards! :D


Mike said...

Hol - another great shoot. Keeo it up. How much do the ducks get paid? hehe!


Mike said...

Awesome pics Holly! I too know Lisa from wayyyyyy back. Beautiful family Lisa and great pic (again) Hol!

Randi (signed in as Mike)